Kaputas Beach

Kaputas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. This beautiful beach in Kalkan is one of the most attractive beaches in the world, although it has a mixture of sand and gravel. Kas places to think of places to come first.

In many countries of the world to swim with the visuals used Kaputaş Oludeniz in Turkey presentation, your life will be an experience you can certainly say that I did well. It takes around 20 km between Kaputaş and Kaş and 20 minutes by car.

Antiphellos Antique City

If the subject is a complete discovery of a place, then it is necessary to know the history of the place. In Antiphellos Antique City, you can look closely at the thousands of years history of Kaş. Lycian sarcophagi, rock and monumental tombs and the 4,000-person Kas Antique Theater are worth seeing.

The ruins of the city, which can be easily noticed by the sea side, impress the people. It is possible to reach Antiphellos Antique City on foot from Kas Center.


The lack of land transportation will give you the feeling that you will lose your connection with the outside world for a short time in Kekova. Kekova, the only sunken city of our country, is one of the places you should definitely see when your way to Kaş.

Natural protected area as enshrined Hideaway is considered among the best diving trails in Turkey. You can reach the boats from Kaş Center every day by moving boats.


One of the places to see in Kas is Kalkan. While you are going to Antalya, Kas, the charming town of Kalkan, 20 km away from Kaş. In recent years, the British tourists have shown great interest in the holiday center is also preferred because of the naturalness of maintaining. Surrounding a beautiful beach, Kalkan’s port, bazaar and beaches must be seen.

Xanthos Ancient City

The ancient city of Kas, which is the largest ancient city of Kas, the must see places in Kas. 70 km of the Fethiye-Kas highway and the ancient city of the ancient city of the Lycian civilization, the history of the city, BC. It dates back to the 7th century.

In the 1840s, many works by the British Fellows who excavated in the ancient city were exhibited in the British Museum. The rock tombs, sarcophagus tombs and pavilion monuments belonging to the Lycian culture are worth seeing.


Demre, which is a cute district of Antalya, must be on your list of Kas excursions. The ancient city of Myra is one of the most striking points of Demre. After your trip to the ancient city, I recommend you to visit the center of Demre.

The Church of Santa Claus, which was built in the center of the city with the death of St. Nicholas, who is believed to be as Santa Claus,, is in close follow-up of the Christian world. It is believed that Santa Claus died in this church after his death and later his bones were taken to Bari by Italian sailors. Demre Kas is about 40 km away.

Patara Beach

The top 15 beaches of our country are located in Patara Beach. Patara Beach, located between Kaş and Fethiye, is one of our beaches which is unfortunately unknown. This is really sad for us. Well, in the old Yeşilçam movies, did you know that the desert scenes were taken on this beach? The reason for this is that Patara consists of a very long and long beach.

Sea turtles (caretta caretta) lay eggs under the protection of the beach. It is a very nice feeling to encounter the footprints of the caretta caretta along the beach. You can also do a trip on a part of the beach. It is a 40-minute road trip from Kas to Patara Beach.

Saklıkent Canyon

The Saklikent Canyon formed by Karachay, which is the branch of the Eşen Stream, is one of the most recognizable points in the region. Saklıkent, where nature sports such as rafting and trekking is made, has been under protection since 1996 when it was declared a National Park. The story of Kanyon, which hosts about 300 thousand tourists a year, is very interesting.

Rumor has it that a shepherd kidnapped the goat’s Kanyon area after the escape of Saklikent, is recognized as a natural wonder by the action of the relevant institutions. The canyon is 63 km from Kaş and can be reached by a 1-hour journey.

Kaleköy (Simena)

Among the ancient Lycian cities of Kaş and Finike, Simena is known today as Kaleköy. Kaleköy, which does not have a highway connection, is only accessible from the sea. Visitors of the Lycian Lahdi in the sea cannot be admired by this ancient city.

Kaleköy is a place where the Mediterranean enthusiasts of the blue cruise travels. If you want to stay in Simena, where there are only four boarding and 100 beds, you have to book a month in advance. Kalekoy is approximately 40 km away from the center of Kas.

Meis Island

Meis Island is just 2.1 km away from Kaş and is one of the most remote islands in Greece. Kastellorizo, the only settlement on the island, is also known as Megisti or Meis. Meis seyahate, where Turkish citizens with a green passport can travel without a visa, can easily be reached by boats departing from Kaş. A small number of people living in Meis make their daily purchases from Kaş. A good alternative to those who come to Kaş and Schengen visa is Meis.